What is TransformRSA?

Transform RSA is a grass root socio-economic and political movement positioned to transform South Africa’s economic and political landscape and emancipate the poor, encourage the middle class and affluent society in South Africa to take active role in politics. with more emphasis on women, youth and the disabled people in South Africa.

TransformRSA is a movement championing transformation in South Africa and economic andsocial emancipation of the majority marginalised African people, TRSA strives to represent theaspirations of the oppressed in South Africa.

The past 23 years the lives of majority South Africans has not changed economically and socially. As a result many South Africans are frustrated at the slow pace of transformation and have raised their concerns and this lead to the formation of TransformRSA as an alternative voice to champion the needs growing non racial democratic South Africans.



Creating material abundance for our people.


Maximizing human potential


Creating and maintaining spaces for humans to live, work and thrive


Making sure that we have enough fuel to create the energy that powers the machines we rely on.



Shielding everyone and everything from harm.


Moving physical assets around.


Maximizing the lifespan, vitality and quality of life of citizens




Our Constitution

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